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                                                                                                                                    Olive Press  

                                                                                                                         Messianic and Christian Publisher


How you can help Olive Press

Book making is a joy to us here at Olive Press. We feel pleased looking at all our books.  They are not bad considering they are written by ordinary people. Some of our authors did not think they could write at all, but God was nudging them and people were telling them they should.  We encouraged them and helped them and now they have a book!   To us their stories are amazing! Their finished products make us feel successful at publishing books.

Marketing books is another story. We have not had near enough success with all the myriad of marketing, promoting, and advertising we have tried. So, we are humbly asking for your help. Please prayerfully consider helping us.  We would REALLY appreciate it. 


Here’s how to help:  Become our "friend." Mark our books as “to read” or "read."  Review and rate them. Recommend them.  Pin, like, and re-pin our books. Find them on our Pinterest site, too and re-pin them.


Facebook:  Like us and become our friend! Comment on, like, share, invite to our posts.


Twitter: become our follower  Review and rate our books on our website. Post links on Pinterest and Facebook, etc.


Blogs: Find blogs that talk about the same topics as one of our books and recommend it to the blogger. Let the blogger know about our blogger/reviewer program.


YouTube: If you see a YouTube video about a topic that any of our books are about, maybe mention the book in a comment. And please let us know, so our team can make comments., Amazon Kindle,,,,, etc: Buy, review, and comment on our books on these sites. Find  links on our books’ webpages.

E-mail: Receive our e-mail promotions, especially of new books and forward to everyone who won’t be irritated at you for it.  (*smile*)  Encourage them to forward the e-mails to all their friends.

Thank you! We will gladly reward you for helping us.  E-mail us links to what you have done and we will see that you are rewarded.  If your efforts cause our sales to shoot  up, we might hire you!!  Our pay right now is not much above the volunteer level, but book sales will change that.  *smile*



Why We are Asking for Your Help

Let us explain the problem that is making us ask you for all this help. We are a print-on-demand publishing company. This is great for the author because they are not required to buy thousands of books to get published.  It is good for us, too, because we don’t have to have a huge warehouse or a huge shipping department. We can keep a much smaller inventory. If we want we can have the printing company fill our orders. They will print our books, package them, and ship them for us if we send them the orders.

There is a down side, however. Our print-on-demand books cost more to print per book because we are not ordering thousands at once at the very low off-set print price. Therefore, we do not have as much of a margin of profit to work with as regular publishing companies do. 

Bookstores want a 40% margin to work with.  That way they can discount the book and still make a profit. The book distributors keep 15% for their service. This means that we have only 45% of the retail price left to us and the author. Well, a huge part of that goes to the printing cost. This usually leaves about $2.oo to be divided between us and the author per book!! Can you imagine?! We normally keep $1.50 per book as our profit, but we have the policy that we do not make more on a book than the author does. We feel that is fair. So we take a dollar or less when the profit is that low.

Many book distributors refuse to distribute print-on-demand books. Christian Book Distributors off line is one of them. (Thankfully they do carry a few of our books in their online store, but so far they don’t put ours in their catalogue or sell ours to bookstores.) 

Some distributors will market print-on-demand books, but they require a 70% margin of the retail. This would leave us with only a 30% margin. Well, some of our books cost more than 30% to print!!  We can’t take a loss on the books!! Most of our books cost from 20% to 25% to print. At 70% for the distributor, this would leave too little profit for us to cover the cost of running the business. We would have to price our books higher than anyone would pay.  So we are sticking to the 55%.

We have raised the retail prices of our newer books to help increase our author’s profit, but then to our surprise, we found that online stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble (who get the whole 55% discount because they are a distributor/retailer) had so much leeway that they discounted our books lower than what we can offer them on our website so people buy the books from them instead of us.

Now, this should not be a problem at all. We do want the online stores to have good sales numbers with our books because they have a worldwide reach. The more of our books they sell, the more they will promote them for us. We like that.  But we also want to sell books on our website because the author gets five to seven times the profit from us! We want our authors to do well. They are the ones who worked hard to write the books. We feel they should be rewarded!

So, it seems at times like we are between a rock and a hard place—like David against Goliath.  But we have faith that there is a way to make our books known to the public without going through the traditional book distributor to bookstore route. Therefore, we have turned to social media.  We have a Facebook page, a Pinterest site, and a Twitter account. They have gotten us some results, but we need much more. Our books are also listed on, but we need more attention to come to them there, too.

This is where you come in. We humbly ask you, as we said above, to go to our Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Amazon, etc  sites and help us: share, like, repin, make comments, write reviews, invite friends, etc. We will be so grateful!

Another way to help mentioned above is to volunteer to be on our e-mail list. We send out e-mails about our new books. You would be a great help if you forwarded those e-mails to as many friends as possible and encouraged them to forward them.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of helping a tiny, new publishing company become successful? If you believe in our vision, and if the Lord brings us to your mind, please pray for us and consider helping to get our books noticed. We thank you.

Thank you and the LORD bless you!!











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