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The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, The Messiah KING of Israel

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Don't you just love it when even the smallest details in the Bible have significant meaning for us today? The author, Kimberly, loves it too, and she has found so many of them through Bible study, much research, and by following the nudges of the Holy Spirit.

This hardcover book holds within it the astonishing revelations revealed to her by the Holy Spirit over a seven year span of time beginning in 2007, all verified with many Biblical Scriptures.  Due to the profoundly rare revelations, this book is bound to be a treasure to seminary and yeshiva-type students or any serious Bible studier.  It is loved by all who dare to delve into it.  

Delve into the artistically designed pages full of beautiful black & white photographs that will enhance your reading enjoyment, propelling your study into a deeper realm of the LORD God of Israel and His Divine plan for the entire world.  You will want the book for the photos alone! The exterior hardcover incorporates the Royal colors of the Jewish Priestly garments: purple, blue, and scarlet, while the interior contains twelve chapters that represent the twelve tribes of Israel.  Full pictures of the Shroud of Turin, the Sudarium of Oviedo, the Jesus Boat, Magdala Synagogue, Mount Sinai, Mount Nebo, Split Rock in Horeb, and other photos from Jerusalem and surrounding locations are meant to bless the reader.

In-depth studies containing marvelous, Divine revelations are sure to astound you regarding:

  • Secrets of the Almond tree
  • Messiah the Branch
  • Holy Mount Moriah
  • Mount Nebo
  • Mount Sinai
  • Red Sea crossing
  • Miracle of the Great Rolling Stone & the Angel at the Garden Tomb
  • Yad (Hand) of God
  • Noah’s flood
  • Joshua
  • Elijah & Elisha
  • Miracle Secrets at the Jordan River crossing
  • Secrets of the Split Rock in Horeb
  • Secrets of David & Goliath
  • Secrets of the Holy Menorah
  • Secrets of the Fig tree
  • Tefillin & God’s heart
  • The Rapture
  • Passover Maror & Charoset
  • Secrets of Yeshua at Jacobs well
  • Shechinah glory cloud
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Brand new stunning revelations regarding the Shroud of Turin & Sudarium of Oviedo
  • The Torah
  • Jesus Boat
  • Magdala Synagogue & Magdala Stone
  • Deep insights into the disciples of Yeshua
  • Profound hidden revelations of Yeshua’s miracles that have possibly never been revealed before
  • Ark of the Covenant
  • Ark of Heaven
  • The two witnesses' arrival
  • Lulav, Cedar of Lebanon
  • Rainbows
  • Tiberius Coin
  • Secrets of His Jewish Royal Highness the KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS
  • The true location of King David’s tomb & the true location of King Solomon’s Holy Temple in Jerusalem
  • The true location of the Garden of Eden
  • Secrets of Mary Magdalene
  • The lyrics of the New Song of Moses
  • and so much more that will keep you spellbound!
  • Find out why Yeshua was resurrected the third day & why He has been gone for nearly two thousand years!


This book contains a vast collection of Biblical, historical, archaeological, botanical, and scientific insights with major world-changing revelations throughout its tantalizing 858 pages.


Here's just one example of the great insights in this book:

The withered fig tree

p. 296   By disobeying God, Adam and Eve essentially rejected God as their KING.  All curses came upon them as they turned away from His Holy Spirit that gave them life.  They covered their spiritual nakedness with fig leaves from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  So the green fig leaf became the green fig leaf of shame! In the following story and miracle [Mark 11:1-22], we see that Yeshua entered Jerusalem riding upon the colt of a donkey and the people shouted for joy as they immediately wanted to make Yeshua their KING, as He entered the Holy Temple.  Immediately after this, Yeshua went to “Bethany.” If you can believe another astonishing detail “Bethany” means “House of Figs!” On the morrow, when Yeshua was hungry, He came upon the fig tree bearing only the green leaves and no fruit, so He spoke the Word and cursed the fig tree because the time of figs was not yet.  This is a very significant phrase, as we will see.  When Yeshua returns from Heaven and restores all things, the curses of the fig tree of Eden will be cast off like untimely figs and it will no longer be bearing the curse of Eden.  So the time of figs to bud and fruit again without the curse will be at hand when Messiah the LORD is about to appear on the earth! Yeshua said that when we see the fig tree bud, the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand!  ...

... Remember that God was the Master in His Garden.  The fig leaves covered the shame of Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit from this tree.  So Yeshua’s fig tree in Bethany was only bearing leaves and no fruit was on it because Adam and Eve symbolically had already eaten the fruit from it! So now Yeshua the LORD made the leaves and tree to wither to its roots, so it would never bear fruit again! Yeshua said, “No man eat fruit of thee hereafter forever!” He was here to remove the curse, once and for all, from them eating the forbidden fruit from the fig tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  It is interesting that when Yeshua cursed the fig tree, His disciples heard it....


Follow the intriguing revelations leading from one insight to another until you see the Testimony of the two witnesses unveiled, proving to the world that there is a God in Israel.  The author begins on Holy Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, and ends on the real Mount Sinai.  There will never be another book like it!


Buy just one chapter as an E-book to get another bigger taste:


See inside a few pages.


Because it contains a lot of in-depth Biblical and scientific study on the Shroud of Turin, this book is DISPLAYED on the official SHROUD WEBSITE!! (Scroll down to the second list of "Recently Published Books" to find the Almond Tree book.)


The video trailer created by Kimberly, the very talented author:


From the Author (on Amazon)

"Let me tell you how I was profoundly and personally impacted by working on this project. There were times when the LORD would show me something, and I was deeply affected & surprised by it.Sometimes I would have to stop writing, put my face in my hands, and weep as I would become so overcome with emotion by the details He revealed to me.  The revelations were so profound that I knew this information was going to change everything! I had to rely solely upon the LORD, trusting in Him alone. It was a humble experience.  I knew that what He revealed to me was exactly what He showed the men walking on the road to Emmaus 2,000 years ago.  I had written this in my book published on 5/5/15 by Olive Press Publisher out of Lowville New York.  I only longed to lift up His end time Testimony so the world would know Him in a way that would change their lives forever! Since my book reveals new information about the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo it is now featured on the Official Shroud of Turin webpage of Barrie M. Schwortz on  It was also just given a fabulous review by Dr. Petrus Soons of Panama, the creator of the Shroud Hologram in 3D.  Dr. Petrus Soons wrote that my book was breathtaking, and among other things that he and his wife both love the book! He sent me a gift of the 3D images of Messiah Yeshua for all my years researching and writing this phenomenal book. Because of the rare revelations I was shown by the LORD, I am convinced that ... [they will] shake the world.  So it truly is a book that I believe, unveils His final Testimony, and reveals a startling message of the two witnesses.  So curl up with your cup of hot tea or aromatic coffee, read the book, and don't forget to share it with someone you love! Then come back here & write a review sharing the thought's within your heart!"


Listen to worshipful shofar blasts by the author.


See it on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble  and on Christian Book!






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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

The revelations in this book are amazing!

The Almond Tree is a book about the revelation of the Messiah and his identity, that Kimberly Ballard received by the Holy Spirit over a period of 7 years. As at this moment of time, mankind is in exile and God during such a period is "nistar" (hidden), these revelations are amazing. Kimberly shows a great knowledge of the scriptures and of the Jewish tradition proving the point that Yeshua ben Joseph (Yosef) of Nazareth is the Messiah, and according to her, He will be coming back soon. The book made me think about the story of the two disciples in Luke 24:27 that walked to Emmaus on Sunday after the Resurrection and Jesus/Yeshua Himself came near and went with them. Then at a certain moment, beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He interpreted to them the things about Himself in all the scriptures and explained to them that everything had been fulfilled in Him. Reading the Almond Tree this verse came to my mind as Kimberly follows the same path. I am an investigator of the image of Jesus Christ in the Shroud of Turin (the creator of the Shroud Hologram in 3D, Dr. Petrus Soons, who provided the 3D images of the Shroud of Turin for Kimberly’s book), and was particularly interested in her quotations concerning this subject and the way she put this in a new light, like the formation of the image that is under a lot of debate. After I read the book, I wrote the following statements to the author Kimberly K Ballard. “It is truly an amazing work that you created, Yeshua must be proud of you!!” “My wife Dalys is reading everyday a couple of pages of your book and she loves it. Dalys is more than halfway in the Almond Tree and is fascinated.” “It was for me personally a joy to read the book, and like a cool breeze on a hot summer day and rain in the desert. If you have had more revelations you should publish that too.” Because my wife Dalys & I love this book, I gave Kimberly Ballard a very special gift after I finished reading it. I told her “I am going to, as a token of my appreciation, send you lenticulars of the face of Yeshua in 3D in different sizes. Lenticulars are images in 3D based upon the work that I did drawing out the 3D information from the image of Yeshua and reconstructing the body like it was on the moment of the Resurrection. It is a token of appreciation for all the hard work that you have been doing researching and writing your beautiful book. It is my gift for you and for the work that you did during 7 years. Keep on going please!!!! I think that your book is one large eulogy for the meaning, existence and the reality of Jesus Christ, Yeshua ben Yosef Ha'Notsri, and you back that up with an incredible amount of quotations of the Holy Scriptures (TORAH, and the other Holy Books, including the Gospels etc.) and the signs for the end of the days and how to prepare for these days so we will be saved.” This book is breathtaking and a must for everybody that wants to know about Yeshua, Jesus Christ the Messiah. Its 858 pages contain a wealth of information concerning this rich topic.

Petrus Soons :: 03 Dec 2015, 19:37

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