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Love's Three Days

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ON SALE!! HALF PRICE!!    There is no Love greater than this. You have never seen any other that compares. This Love satisfies to the deepest core of your being. It took Him three days to show the endless depth and all conquering power of His Love.


The Lover/Creator of the universe came to earth and yielded to horrific torture to prove His Love for you and for me. To rescue us from our despair and hopelessness and to bring us close to Him, He spent three days in the heart of darkness overcoming all evil.


Let your heart be touched and melted again by this poetry-prose, moment by moment account of what He did.


Fall in love with Him all over again as you read what He endured and how He conquered to make it possible for us to come to Him.

He aches to have us with Him where He is.


Awesome for preparing your soul for Passover and Easter. Brings you into adoration and worship of our Savior and Messiah.


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Explanation of the Cover Photo by the photographer:
This photo was designed specifically to give a message in a little story sort of way. I placed the  crown of thorns reverently on a Jewish Tallit—similar to the one our Jewish Messiah would have worn. I found it very interesting that the thorns come in the form of little crosses. So, I added a little cross-shaped thorn to the center of the crown. Then, I draped three strings of the Tzitzit over the right side of the thorn crossbar to represent the Love of Yeshua for His Jewish brothers for whom He died, and three strands under the left side to represent His love for the Gentiles for whom He also died.

Exerpts of the poetry:

   The tears
As the near lifeless body of Miriam’s (Mary’s) son
hung limply on the crucifixion stake,
the tears she had suppressed the last thirty-three years
now flowed freely from her motherly eyes.

The tears
She knew deep in her heart
Would someday come,
Now came
With no comfort.
His hands
The gentle hands of the man
That had picked up
    little children,
Blessing them, ...The hands of Yeshua,
God’s only begotten Son,
Had now been stopped;

His Pain
As Yeshua hung there,
His pain was His only comfort.
The pain of the gouging nails.
The humiliating pain
Of the two inch thorns,
Mockingly made into a crude crown, ....

The pain He was feeling was unimaginable.
Yet, amidst the physical pain,
Yeshua felt an even more intense pain.  ...

Up to that afternoon.
From that day on,
And on down through the years
To the end of this current age.
Every ugly, black, God-hated sin
Would be put upon Him that ever-darkening afternoon.
With the weight and pain of all that sin,
Also came a promise.
“For the wages of sin is death.”
Yet, before death could come,
Yeshua would experience even greater pain.  ...

It was our pain.
He bore it for all of humanity.
He bore our sins.
He bore our pain.
What love!


"The two demons, who by now had regained their composure, joyfully prepared to shackle their newest “Fool,” as they so enjoyed calling all who die. As they readied their shackles, horror seized them. Instead of Yeshua’s spirit falling submissively to them, to their surprise, it ... descended into the earth between the two stunned creatures with such force, the earth quaked. A split occurred in the earth .... The stunned pair, left behind, immediately followed their prey in hot pursuit. ... The pursuing duo was brought to an immediate halt.
Stunned by a voice so fearful, they could only huddle together and tremble."


The voice
The voice that had commanded the legion of demons out of a man and into a herd of swine. ...
The powerful voice that called Lazarus from death four days after he had died.
That same voice,
Now more fearful,
With more power,
Thundered through the bowels of the earth. ...





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