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Hymnbooks and Hanky Cradles, Nora and Phoebe, Plain Fun Girls

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Quiet, shy, pudgy cheeks Nora and bouncing, skipping, red-headed Phoebe are cousins and best friends who have fun together no matter what they are doing.  They lived long before video games, cartoons, cell phones, i-pads, or the internet.  There were no cars, dishwashers, electricity, or bathrooms, very few books and hardly any toys, and they had a lot of hard work to do every day.  At home, Nora finds it tedious and difficult to endure. But with Phoebe, she learns how to turn work into fun even if it is nasty chores.

They are plain-clothes girls, always trying to be good, but sometimes can’t help getting into trouble, especially since Nora has two mischievous little brothers, and Phoebe has two older brothers who like to tease and a bossy, older sister.

Jump into the olden days with Nora and find out what kind of adventures can happen without electronics. How did she sit through church with only a hanky and a hymnbook—no Sunday school or children’s church? What was school like with no laptops or smart boards—not even paper or pens or markers?

Notice how life is basically peaceful for daydreaming Nora, until Papa comes in the house. 


Cousins Nora and Phoebe are growing up in the hills of northern Wisconsin in the early 1900s.  Nora’s mama is sweet and loving; her papa is strict and stern, but provides faithfully for his little family. When Nora gets to spend the night with Phoebe, she discovers a home full of laughter and joy. Phoebe’s papa, Uncle Dan, is a fun-loving, teasing father who is devoted to the Lord. He makes Bible stories come alive for his six children and Nora. 

The two girls lived in a secure time when families were solid; when the faith taught in church was a sure foundation; when grandparents, aunts, uncles, and preachers were Godly, loving, and caring.  Grown-ups were people they could lean on and trust. It was back when songs were sung from little hymnbooks, and  entertainment was as simple as folding a hanky in a special way, and behold a doll cradle is formed.  Life wasn’t  perfect, but the joys were full, especially with Phoebe’s big family.


Based on the real lives of cousins Nora Clark and Phoebe Miller from the stories Nora told her children and grandchildren.

A wonderful book for elementary age children. Good as a read aloud for the whole homeschool family.

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 180 pages. 


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