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Sacred Name Bible, YHVH, Yeshua, New Testament, KJV, E-Book, mobi


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This downloadable mobi, E-book for Kindles is the New Testament of the Sacred Name Bible using YHVH and Yeshua in English rather than Hebrew letters. It is based on the King James Version with only a few words replaced as noted below. This type of E-Book should work on your Kindle.

After your purchase of this E-book is complete, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download this mobi file.  Download it to your laptop first, then upload it to your Kindle or other device. This method tends to work the best. You can also see it on your computer's  E-Book viewer.  If you have any trouble, e-mail us.

*Note:   We are offering this at 50 cents until we make sure there is no downloading trouble. Please let us know if you have any trouble.



Jesus’ Name is powerful in every language! His Name in any language is still the Name which is above every name (Phil. 2:9), the Name whereby we must be saved  (Acts 4:12)and the Name that has  authority over all the power of the enemy! (Luke 9:17-19).  God created all languages and He is above any translation errors. 

Hebrew is the language God chose for Jesus, our Savior's original Sacred Name:    pronounced Yeshua.  It comes from the Hebrew word “salvation” which is  "yeshuah" and is pronounced exactly the same as Yeshua. Therefore every time anyone reads the word “salvation” in Hebrew, they are saying Messiah's Name. To bring this fact to life, this version of the Bible, the Sacred Name Bible, uses  “Yeshuah (salvation)” in place of “salvation.” This helps the reader see how many times Yeshua's Name is in the Hebrew Scriptures. 


Both Yeshua [wXy and yeshuah h[wXy come from the root word  [Xy (yasha) which means “save” or “deliver.”  That is why the angel said to Joseph, “... and thou shalt call His Name Yeshua [wXy: for He shall save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21).  The added h h in “salvation” means “window,” so we could say that salvation is a window into who Yeshua is!! When you see salvation you see Yeshua. Salvation brings us to Yeshua. Our salvation is through Yeshua only.  Salvation is Yeshua. Yeshua is salvation!!


This version also replaces "Christ" with Messiah because that is what "Christ" means.

      The Light Of The World
There is something marvelous about our Savior's Hebrew Name, Yeshua. When written in the Biblical Hebrew script     one can see seven flames at the top of the letters. If you place a picture of a Menorah (lampstand) over the letters those seven flames will stand atop the seven branches of the Menorah, exemplifying the awesome fact that Yeshua is the Light of the world! This is no accident! This shows just one aspect of the beauty of the Hebrew language which God chose to use for most of the Scripture.


Let us clear up one thing about this special Bible: We are not part of the Sacred Name movement. We believe the Name of Jesus is powerful in every language and that people can be saved by calling on His Name in English or Spanish or Arabic or Chinese or whatever language. Olive Press is part of the Messianic Movement.  When we started working on this Bible in 2008, we didn't even know there was a Sacred Name movement (or Hebrew Roots movement or Two House either)!   Our director loves to look at God's  Hebrew Name  written in her Hebrew Bible. She was sure other people would like to see it, too!   She thought there might be people out there who aren't studying Hebrew, but would still like to see the original Hebrew Name of God YHVH and of our Lord and Savior, Jesus (Yeshua) in their English Bibles.  Other translations using the Hebrew Names change lots of other words into Hebrew also. In our Sacred Name Bible, only the Father and the Son's Names, YHVH  and Yeshua, are in Hebrew. Everything else is the original KJV except "Messiah" is used in place of "Christ."





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