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The Word of God Made Plain

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Want a daily injection of the life-changing Word of God?  That will ignite you into action?  That will reveal powerful Truths in the Word that will give your faith a daily blast off?

Study these devotionals to discover the untapped power of God available to us through His Living Word.  Let the Truth sink in until it is part of you and changes the way you think and act.  These readings will reveal new things in the Word—little Truths that pack a punch!  They will uncover insights you would most likely never see on your own—or maybe things you know but need encouragement to take hold of again.  Use these dynamic devotions to inspire and empower you to put God’s Word into action in the spirit realm. Find out how wielding the Word (the “sword of the Spirit”) can change your whole life. Believe us when we say you will want to be underlining and bookmarking things in this book.

There are 366 devotions, one for each day of the year, including leap years. Some are low key, enlightning insights; others are so powerful you may need to read them several times to digest it all!



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Sample Devotions: 


Devotional # 236 
Scripture:  II Corinthians 5:18-20
Ambassador.  You’ve probably heard the term on the news, or in the newspaper.  Some rich, lucky person who gets appointed to a cushy job doing nothing, you might think. [Or a terrifying job if in a potentially hostile nation like Libya was for Ambassador Stevens!]
The word is defined as follows: “a diplomatic agent of the highest rank sent to a foreign government as the official representative of his own government.”  An ambassador speaks on behalf of his/her country to the officials of a foreign land.  An ambassador receives direction from the leader of his/her own country, but is, in fact, the primary representative of the country to the foreigners.
YOU have been appointed an ambassador for Jesus Christ.  He has gone back to Heaven, and has left you here in this world to represent speak for Him.  He gives you His direction, and you take that to the leaders of the foreign land in which you dwell.
His direction is found in His Word.  The foreign land to which you have been sent is the same world you came out of when you got saved.  The leader of this foreign land, with whom you are to communicate, is the devil.  As an ambassador, you are not a citizen of this foreign land; but you are the highest official representative of your Lord Jesus Christ to it.  In plainer words, YOU speak for Jesus.  YOU are His spokesperson on this earth.  YOU are the one who speaks His Word into the darkness of this world, and if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done.....because Jesus is not going to do it FOR you.  
It is an honor to be His representative.  It is important work, and requires knowledge of Him.....His will.....and His Word.  That becomes yours to the extent that you spend time learning it.
Are you a good ambassador?  Do you speak up boldly for your King?  Do you know what He wants, and how He operates?  It’s all written down for you.....but it won’t jump into your brain by itself.  You are an AMBASSADOR for the greatest kingdom in the universe!!
Faith Profession:  “I am humbled by the realization that I am given so noble and responsible a position by the Lord.  I will seek to please Him as I represent Him, and I will speak for Him boldly and with assurance, because I believe His Word.” 
Study Scriptures:  II Timothy 2:15;  Ephesians 6:10;  Ephesians 4:15 
Devotional # 344
                      Iron Sharpens Iron
Scripture:  Hebrews 10:25
I heard a Bible teacher say one time that all of his children were in ministry in some way or another.  I remember thinking how wonderful that was, and having the same goal for my own kids.  Then I volunteered for the pastorate and, 21 years later, my children were so turned off by what they had seen Christians do that they couldn’t bear to attend church any more.  In truth, Christians can be…..and have been…..some of the nastiest folk you’ve ever met. (I could tell you stories…..and my kids certainly could).
Yet, here in today’s verse, the Holy Spirit is recommending the togetherness of Christians.  Why?  Because the Bible says that “iron sharpens iron” (see study Scriptures).  It is simply better to be under the sound of the Word of God than to be away from it.  Many Christians are truly lovely people who are really trying to serve Jesus, and do no harm to others.  But, in any house, there are vessels of honor, and vessels of dishonor.  The goal would be to find the real Christians…..the ones who are genuinely plugged in to the Word…..the ones who show love in a real way.  The most likely place to find these folks is in a church, because that’s where Christians assemble.
I’ve noticed that the people who avoid fellowship with other Christians, and who avoid church attendance, tend to be in a slow drift away from the Lord.  They are praying less than they used to…..they have stopped tithing…..and they have questioned the Bible rather than believe it, and so have lost interest in that, too. 
Listen, friend, the world is a lousy substitute…..even for the worst of churches.  Will you find the perfect church?  No.  Are there bozos and ding-dongs in churches?  Yes…..but that’s true of your workplace; your bank; and your grocery store…..and you haven’t stopped going to them.  Jesus says it’s better to be under the sound teaching of the Word than not, and to not forsake the assembling of yourselves together.
Faith Profession:  “I will obey the Word of God in this matter.”
Study Scriptures:  Proverbs 27:17;  Acts 2:42
Devotional # 345
                    What Promise?
Scripture:  Hebrews 10:35-36
One of the most difficult things about faith is the waiting.  Most of us would prefer to pray, and immediately have the Lord perform some miracle, and…..Wham!…..our answer would arrive.  You may have noticed that it rarely happens that way.
Instead, we are instructed to find a promise in Scripture…..speak it in faith…..and stay in faith about it until we see it come to pass.  It tends to be a process…..a seed planting process…..and, like all seed-related things, takes some time to grow.  The time between the belief in the promise and the end result is what we call “patience.”
Today’s reading plainly says that we will need patience, especially after you have done the will of God (finding and believing a Scripture promise).  It says that, if you’ll do that, and have patience while the answer finds you, you WILL receive the promise.  Why?  Because faith works, and the Lord always honors it… long as we don’t give up on the patience part.
So…..what promise is being spoken of here?  Is it Jesus’ promise that we would receive the Holy Spirit as a permanent resident in our hearts after salvation?  Yes… is that.  But, it is also that promise that YOU are believing for.  Now, I have no idea what that would be.  I do know that today’s verses tell us not to lose confidence in the Lord, His Word, or in the fact that He will bring the promise to pass, and you will see the answer to your prayer.
In layman’s terms, He is telling you to “hang in there.”  Stay in faith.  Don’t waver.  And you’ll see YOUR promise change YOUR circumstance!
Faith Profession:  “I believe the Lord when He says He’ll honor my faith in His Word.  I will pray a promise, then stay in faith (having patience) until that promise becomes a reality.”
Study Scriptures:  Hebrews 6:12;  Isaiah 55:10-11



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