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From GRACE to GLORY, An Upward Journey

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A new devotional about how Yeshua (Jesus) uses our brokenness for His Glory, written by a man who has experienced grave brokenness from childhood.


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The author was a speaker at a commemorative event in honor of National Child Abuse Awareness Month


Some amazing quotes from the book:



More quotes from the book:

The greater your hollowness, the greater ease harsh winds will have in blowing you off track.

The potency of the Church lies in the potency of her members. An isolated fire here and there does virtually nothing in a world so full of darkness. However, if members would cease having fear in drawing near to one another, … so bright and so high could the flames rise that Messiah only knows how many blind would see. 

There are moments when we as believers think back to the most hurtful of times and we think that there’s no way YHWH could ever make use of them, or that some of our most disgraceful experiences are too shameful for Messiah. It is here that we must remember Messiah’s love for us and how he can take the most shameful of stenches and turn it into the sweetest smell; an inviting and invigorating aroma. 

God Almighty can turn your burns into a blessing. He can use your story for his glory, while adding to the blaze of the Church.  

The following quotes are on the video:

Your journey in this world will be puzzling, and you will do well in remembering that you are just one of its many broken pieces. Behold and do not bemoan your brokenness because therein is where your beauty lies. 

No matter the fracture, Yeshua should always be the common denominator. 

The bottom line is that the longer we insist on remaining disconnected with who we are, the longer we will remain disconnected with those around us.

The road to Glory requires a daily death, while the road to self-glory ends in death.

 In the same way that Messiah extended his broken body to his disciples in the Upper Room, we are to extend ours to the world, and shamelessly too.

It’s the Holy Spirit who seals what Messiah has healed. All other attempts at fixing merely resemble a broken piece of pottery whose pieces are held loosely together with scotch tape; one small misstep and….  

These two are on the photos above:

Even the well-meaning Christian can err when approaching a suffering soul with the intention of fixing what is obviously a broken vessel. First, always remember that there is nothing we can do to fix anybody else because we aren’t the manufacturers. Only our God can fix his people, and the Father made such possible by sending his Son, Yeshua Messiah, to bleed on the cross. Messiah’s blood is the only paste capable of permanently binding the broken, no matter the size or condition. And it’s the Holy Spirit who seals what Messiah has healed. All other attempts at fixing merely resemble a broken piece of pottery whose pieces are held loosely together with scotch tape; one small misstep and….  

Often we are looking at a glass that has several cracks in it; a glass that looks as if it will completely shatter at any moment.  …  Fortunately, our God is simultaneously looking at the present cracked glass, as well as the sparkling diamond, buffed and brilliant, that will be presented to him in the near future.  … Rather than judging based upon what we can and can’t see, we should instead spend our time aiding in the buffing.



About the Author:

Marquis Harris was born in Manhattan, NY.  He graduated from Asbury College (now Asbury University) in Wilmore, KY, with a Bachelors of Science in Social Studies Secondary Education 7th-12th. He lived at the Methodist Home for Children & Youth from December 1997 to August 1999.  He attends Nachamu Ami, a Messianic synagogue in Macon, GA. He is a vocalist -- a leggero tenor--who specializes in hymns and Broadway music. Marquis has two brothers.  His mother lives in Alabama and his father in New York.  His current ministry includes both singing and spoken word poetry.



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