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 Ministry updates from Dr. Steve Shamblin, author of Healing of the Fractured Soul

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May 12, 2016

Quick health update: we are still working on thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol and a couple of other issues. Thanks for your continued prayers.
I was blessed to be able to speak (via Skype) to the staff and students in Alaska. It was a really good time of ministry. The Lord gave me a few words for some of them which helped give them focus and direction for their future. There was a precious time of openness and brokenness. One young man stood up and shared how he really didn’t know how to love and give himself in purity of service to others. Another young lady stood up and shared how she really had no idea who she really was. She was crying so hard and asked if I would spend extra time helping her through the painful times of her life growing up in a very hurting and dysfunctional family. The leaders have asked if I would speak again to them in June, so we are planning another week to pour into them at that time.
I also spoke to the base in Orlando. This was a second level school of students preparing to come on to staff. Again, the Lord moved in our midst and there was wonderful time of openness and brokenness. Just one of the stories; young lady stood up, crying, and shared how she hated herself. Then she shared how her mom and dad had severe emotional problems and all her life she was told that she was not normal and that she had many issues including bi-polar disease. Her parents would even take her to doctors to be tested for these conditions and if she didn’t test positive her parents would say it was just a matter of time and continue to take her to doctor for tests. As a consequence she had no idea who she really was. Also, was very insecure and no real sense of confidence and what true love really is. We had a wonderful time of ministry to her and she began to smile as the Lord broke through the barriers and poured His love out upon her. What a blessing. Later the leader said it was the first time he had seen her open up and respond to ministry.
I got a call from the base in Richmond and they asked if I could spend an extra week with them due to a speaker cancellation. So I will be in Richmond the first two weeks of June and we will be sharing two different series as well as meeting regularly with the staff to pour into them.
I also have had two young men approach me and ask if I would be a “spiritual father” to them. I remember how significant having a “spiritual father” meant to me, so I felt it was to Lord to be available to help them in their walk with the Lord. One has a calling to central and south america and the other is a leader in Richmond but also has a calling to Bolivia. So I spend time with them fairly regularly, either skype, text or phone but it is a privilege.
Thank you so much for your friendship, love and support to us, we are truly blessed and grateful. You have our love and prayers, Denise and Steve

Feb. 4, 2016

Ministry for the year is beginning to take some shape. I will be speaking to a Leadership School in Orlando the week of Feb. 8. Then I am scheduled to speak in Virginia at a DTS end of May. I have been praying for the Lord to open the doors He desires and a couple of interesting things have happened, although not all is completely understood yet.
First was a old friend I made contact with over Christmas just wishing him a Merry Christmas and asking how he and his wife were doing. His response was very good and a bit surprising. He asked if I would come and speak in his DTS in June. Now here is the problem, yes, he is an old friend, and the leader of Alaska!! Yes, that may excite some but not me. It is not an easy place to get to and a bit challenging. So I have agreed to pray about this. He then also asked about doing a skype time to minister to his staff towards the end of Feb. and then again in April when he has an additional staff group coming for the school. Well, it doesn’t end there, he said he had good relationships with a couple in Japan that he wants to introduce me to in hopes of developing future ministry over there. It also “happens” that the leaders of his DTS school are from Japan and friends of the couple he wants me to meet. Interesting. So not sure what the Lord has in mind but grateful for your prayers and anything the Lord may speak to you for me.
Second, I have been in touch with an old friend who has a strong ministry to the catholic world in Austria. He is praying about things and also wants to try and put me in touch with two of his friends, one from Norway and the other from Spain, and see what the Lord may bring forth. This is all in the place of prayer at this point.
Oh yes, there is a third: a pastor in NY who has a heart for Central America and wants to see training weeks take place there has asked if I would come up to NY in April and train his trainers. Right now he and his family are stuck in Honduras and can’t get clearance to come back to US, even though they have passports. So we will see how this develops.
I take all of these invites very seriously and don’t want to do anything that isn’t of the Lord’s will for us. I continue to work with a couple of marriage situations. So sad to see people married for over thirty years, involved in ministry and then come to brink of divorce. Trusting the Lord will intervene and turn things around but not easy fix.
Denise and I are doing good, thankful to Lord for her. She is truly a gift from Him to me. We are slowly, slowly, moving towards selling our home and downsizing. Right now, we continue to pray for the Lord’s leading and help in this.
Thank you for your love, prayers and support, we are so very grateful, Steve and Denise

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 May 4, 2015

I have just been speaking the past two weeks to Orlando. The first week was to both a DTS and a Somd, which is a second level training school for those who desire to come on staff. The week went really well. There were spontaneous times of ministry along with regular times of ministry. I remember for example, as I was speaking I felt the Lord say that there were those who had just been hurt for whatever reasons but they had not handled it well. As a matter of fact they had created a “secret place” in their heart and put this hurt there because they didn’t understand and were holding things against God, thus greatly affecting their love and trust of God. Even as I shared this some began to cry, so we had a precious time of ministry to set them free and see their love and trust of God restored.
Another man stood up and shared that his wife came home one day and informed him that she had not loved him for the past few years and was leaving. He truly had no clue. The devastation was over-whelming. As a consequence of this hurt he became very dis-trusting of everyone, so as he shared with the class, this is what he actually said, “I trust no one.” He also would go to extremes to control everything in his life to protect from any further hurt. He lived in a strong “performance” cycle with others in hopes of getting some measure of affirmation and praise. The Lord exposed all this and we had a wonderful time of prayer and seeing him set free. I felt the Lord quicken that He actually has a pastoral call on his life, which he concurred with, so trust this will be a major breakthrough for his future in God.,
Another young man just began to cry and cry and cry. He could hardly speak. When he did he said he saw now how he had believed so many “lies” all his life and literally saw himself as completely worthless and empty, with no hope that God could ever use him. It was a precious time of ministry and we saw God’s peace and freedom come and he began to smile again. As we prayed I felt the Lord say he had a calling to minister one day to young people. He cried and said he had felt that for sometime but just never saw how it would ever happen. I believe the Lord exposed major issues in his life and made a way for him to walk into all the Lord has for him and his future.
There are other wonderful stories, I just can’t remember them! The second week was so precious. I ministered to a BLS or Basic Leadership school. This school is basically made up of staff that just want to grow in their leadership. It was truly a precious and powerful time. The Lord led me to speak on a series I rarely give. It is called the “Marks of Christ” and has to do with three main area’s; mistress of ministry, betrayal, and how God brings for your Destiny. It was a time of walking through some deep waters with the Lord. The response was truly one of openness and brokenness and humbling before the Lord. No specific stories, just a wonderful week of very deep dealing of God that changes perspectives and hearts, the fruit of which will hopefully be seen in these leaders lives and ministries.
On the prayer front of seeing church doors open to be able to pour into pastors, staffs, and God’s peoples, I was able to meet with a pastor through a friend of Denise’s. We had a very good time sharing and he asked for details on what I teach about and also said he would like to have me come and begin to share some with his leaders and even wanted to pray about doing a church wide seminar this fall on “Healing of the Fractured Soul.” We are to have a follow up meeting in about a week. I have felt for sometime a burden from the Lord to believe Him for “church” doors to open along with what we deposit into ywam.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support. Our love and blessings to you, Steve and Denise

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Feb. 3, 2015

Greetings my dear friends. Trust you all are doing good. We have been back about two weeks now, so boxes everywhere and our daughter and her husband just moved out to their new home this week-end, so everything is a bit of a mess but good. On top of that, I put my back out and Denise is sick, just praying she doesn’t get worse!
I have been in touch with the main east coast leader and three base leaders. I have been invited by the east coast leader to come to their leadership conference in April, where he will introduce me, so that will be a very good opportunity and should see some doors open. The NY, Va. and Orlando leaders have already begun to book me, so April is full, June and Oct. It can take a bit to get into their cycles.
We are also talking about both staff and leadership training for each place, which again, just will take a bit of time. I remember the words my spiritual father shared with me about being willing to go and pour into the “smaller” bases so we are seeing this come forth and it is a privilege to be used of the Lord in whatever way He sees fit.
These leaders are also talking with me about sending their staff to me for “counseling” as may be needed.
Another area we are talking about is these base leaders sending some of their “young” up and coming leaders to me for special training times to help them in every way possible become mature, stable, walking in the fear of the Lord and integrity, young leaders. So a lot is on the table and being prayed, talked and walked out, all of which will take some time to see develop and come forth, so your prayers for wisdom and understanding of all the Lord wants is greatly appreciated.
On the horizon, i expect to be hearing from Europe in the months ahead, so will be praying and see what and how the Lord would have us incorporate them.
Thank you for you support in every way to us, Love and blessings, Steve and Denise

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Dec. 23, 2014

Just wanted to wish you a most happy and blessed Christmas and New Year! Looking back over the year, I trust many lives have not only been “touched” but truly “changed and healed” by the Lord. I spoke to Orlando a week ago via skype, it was to a school for those who are on staff or want to be. We had a wonderful time and when ministry began, it went on for two days. Again, lives truly touched and changed. Please know how grateful we are for prayers and support which is an integral part of these lives that are being touched and changed. Bless His Holy Name as all the glory goes to Him. Trust this new year will be filled with many wonderful of the Lord’s blessings for you, Love, Steve and Denise

Nov. 15, 2014

Greetings and blessings to you. The time in Lausanne was again, so blessed and anointed of the Lord and I don’t say that lightly. I fully realize it is because of your prayers and the prayers of others for us. I spoke to a Ministry Development School, which basically means the students were either already on staff or had committed to come on staff. So there was about thirty or so staff of different leadership levels and they invited other base staff to sit in on the week. It was truly a precious and sovereign time. We walked them through the “Healing of the Fractured Soul” series along with other area’s that the Lord would lead us to pursue but very helpful for them as young leaders. There was ministry all week leading up to friday when the ministry time of openness and brokenness went on all day till supper. It was so good to see each one share their heart stories and lay hold of God’s love in new and deeper ways, walking into a new place of freedom and out of all the old bondages. Their stories of bondage are incredible. So wonderful to see them set free and the changes in their expressions and joy, hopefully for the rest of their lives!
On thur. evening I was asked to speak to the whole base at open community night. As I prayed the Lord gave me a very specific word, not an easy one either. It was about the danger, abuse and consequences of zeal without balance. There was such a precious anointing and when I called for ministry almost everyone stood up. The worship team came up and ministry went on for three hours. So grateful to the Lord for His anointing which breaks every yoke, thank you for holding us up in prayer for God to move and use as He pleases.
We are on our way back to Kona. Will be in touch as to what we might face. Praying the Lord will provide another housing miracle and make a way for us. Our love and blessings to you, Steve and Denise

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Oct. 26, 2014

What an incredible last week in Amsterdam. We began to open up for ministry on the friday and one at time they began to come, starting with the staff. I have rarely seen such a level of openness and brokenness and a cry for God to set them free in His love out of their hurts and wounds. The ministry went on all morning, then into the afternoon and still many to go. We started again on monday and the Lord just kept moving on their hearts. Well, it wound up lasting until sometime thur. What a precious move of His Spirit. I can’t even remember the stories told, except for one: this lady stood up and shared how her husband had attacked her one night and almost beat her to death. She got to hospital and when they finally released her, she went home and opened the door to find her husband hanging from the ceiling beam. She cried and cried but the Lord set her free.
So many came up sharing their stories and how desperate they were for freedom and truly the Lord set everyone free. Thank you for praying and now you can share in the fruit of your prayers and all the Lord has done. We start the same series tomorrow here in Lausanne. Praying for the Lord to move just as powerfully here. Love and blessings, Steve and Denise


Oct. 12, 2014

As the week’s teaching on Fractured Soul continued, the students and staff opened up more and more. We worked through Biblical examples of wounded spirit, and many stood and confessed such sad and destructive wounds through out their lives. We showed them how these wounds were holding them in bondage and how Jesus was able to set them free.
The phase of walking them into freedom, was taking them through the consequences of living in woundedness; so we first looked at how their identity; self-worth, esteem, value, significance had been affected and prayed them through these area’s. Then we walked them through two major life cycles which come out of a life of woundedness; one is a Rejection cycle and then a Performance cycle. We walked and prayed them through both of these. So as the week progressed, it is a continual walk of steps into more and more understanding of their lives and the bondages they are in and walking them into a place of true freedom in the Lord and His love. Friday is when the big cross over hopefully happens. We challenge them to share with the school who they really are, exposing their fears, weaknesses and insecurities. To do this, it rather “forces” them to lay hold of God’s love and security for them and hopefully never go back to becoming their own source of self protection from hurts. It was a powerful time. First the staff came up, one at a time and began to share who they really were. No more masks, pretense but  honest openness and brokenness. The time was so powerful and truly life changing. Well, the ministry went on into the afternoon and now will continue into the first couple of days of the new week. It is worth it all to see and hear them say, “I see now and want to live the rest of my life in the freedom of God’s love and never go back into bondage.” It is amazing to hear the stories and see them cry and come into a place of emotional healing and wholeness in God’s love.
Many nations will be potentially touched as the students and staff are from India, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Costa Rica, South America countries, Europe and some US.
So this week, we will continue with this time of openness and brokenness until each one has had a chance to share and be ministered to. The rest of the week will be a time of helping them understand God’s calling and direction on their lives as I will take time with each one but openly in the class. Also, we will be looking at the message on Fear of the Lord and consequences of sin and continuing to “toy” around with sin. I also am to meet with the base leaders this week and just have a time relationally with them. Thank you for praying for the Lord’s anointing to be strong and increase and break every yoke of bondage and set His people free. We are to fly to Switzerland on Sunday. Love and blessings, Steve and Denise


Oct. 8, 2014

well, we are back in Europe for the first time in 25 years, can bring tears to my eyes. One thing for sure, those over-night flights are definitely much harder now than when we were twenty!! Takes about 3-4 days just to get over that.
Met with the Lausanne base staff retreat. I felt the Lord give me a very specific word for the staff and base in general, unfortunately, so to speak, it was not an easy word. I felt the Lord say to “call them to a time of repentance.” “That the blessing and favor of the Lord to deepen and increase both for the base and for staff was now dependent upon their response to His call to repentance”. Also, “that some of the staff were frustrated with the will of Lord progressing in their lives, was because the Lord was withholding His will and not allowing them to progress with all He had put in their hearts because of allowing measures of sin to persist in their lives. It was a very strong word and message but praise the Lord it was received. There was a precious time of worship and repentance in response to the word. Thank the Lord for His word and faithfulness. I will be back in Lausanne the last two weeks of this month to speak into a counseling school.
Currently we have been in Amsterdam speaking at a counseling school and taking a once a week open community night session. The time is going really good. There has been openness and ministry right from the start. The Lord gave a word for a couple of people which was really sweet and encouraging to them. Then a young married couple, he is American and she is Indian, began to cry and share how they had been married only eight months and both sets of families had completely renounced them and their marriage and even said it was cursed. They had to elope to get married. I did ask some questions and it was clear the Lord had brought them together that this truly was a very sad case of family rejection due to nationality and culture, even though family are “christian”. The Lord gave them such a precious word of encouragement and then some counsel and they both began to smile again. It was a very significant time for them and their future. I never cease to be amazed how just a few words from the Lord can truly impact the life from that moment on. It is amazing.
We are only entering the half way point of the first week. Thank you for praying for the Lord to continue to move in these lives. That they will truly be set free from the bondages they carry. Then next week is a week of taking time to pray with and over each person, giving words and counsel as the Lord allows and gives.
Continue to pray that we may hear all the Lord would have us pass on. For our health and energy to remain strong. The base is not a quiet place, so sleep at night is a bit challenging which is not good for me, so thanks for your prayers there also. We are so grateful for your love and friendship and support. We pray the Lord’s blessing to rest upon you also, you have our love, Steve and Denise


Sept. 7, 2014

Dear Friends, well, time is drawing close to head to Europe. We are praying for this to be a most blessed and wonderful time of ministry. Before we left Kona, we continued to minister the various leaders, one on one’s. I also did a six week series on “Wounded Spirit” in a local church, very good response, so grateful to the pastor for having me share with his congregation. A lot of preparation time also before leaving, as you all well know how that is. It is like living your life months in advance.

As I mentioned before, the owners of the property where we have been living for the past year and a half are going to allow us to return there after this ministry trip but baring a miracle, we will spend the holidays packing to return to NC for a season. It is purely a “housing” situation. We are so blessed with our supporters, but we have never had “rent” finances, but that was the way we went to Kona and so the Lord has made a way for these past two years through this couple allowing us to stay in a small apt. and look after their property. They are moving back to Kona permanently so that is why we have to leave our housing situation. Nothing is wrong, they are good Christian people and we are friends, they just will use our space for family and friends now.

We have given this situation to the Lord and looking forward to what He brings forth. So baring a miracle we will be ministering out of our home in NC  for a season. The doors to Kona and East Coast bases are still wide open. We anticipate doors opening up to Europe also as a result of this trip, so in some ways, it could be that the Lord may be having us give a priority to east coast bases and Europe bases, but all that is yet to be realized. Just walking it out but that may be why we will be in NC for a season to try and raise a bit more support to cover housing expense so we could then relocate anywhere on earth and not have to keep moving. Thank you so much for walking and praying with us. Will keep you informed for sure.

The time here is being filled with relational time with our daughter and son in law, very good relationships, thank the Lord. So good to have some time with them. Also, seeing various doctors and dentist, catching up there. Again, thank you for praying for healing for this body and that the Lord will keep us in good health for the trip and in general. I have a few issues and get a blood test result back in a week. We also minister into a small home group when here. Precious group, about 10, that we are blessed to walk with also.
We are to head out Sept.17 and will be ministering to a staff retreat in Switzerland till we head for Amsterdam toward the end of the month. Thank you for your love, prayers, support, we are so blessed with you, words cannot express. Our love and prayers to you,
Steve and Denise


July 22, 2014

Dear Friends, trust you all are doing good! We are doing good, working on this ministry trip to Europe, fairly detailed and lengthy. Here is our schedule: We head out Aug.21 to NC for three weeks back home to check and work on the house, see our daughter and her new husband, and minister into a local home group and a couple of doctor apts.. Then we leave for Switzerland Sept.17. We will be in Switzerland till Sept.26 where we will be ministering into all the base staff at there yearly retreat. Then we head to Amsterdam Sept.26-Oct.5 where we will be speaking in a Counseling School. Then we head for Finland Oct.5-10 where we will be speaking to a Married Couples healing and restoration school. Then back to Amsterdam Oct.11-18 for a week of praying over the staff and counseling school one at a time, helping them figure out the call of God, direction, understanding of the Lord’s leading in their lives. Then we head back to Switzerland Oct.19 to Nov.1. We will have the first week generally off, then we speak in a Counseling School and head back to NC Nov.1 for a couple days off then back to Kona. Obviously busy schedule. We are so grateful for your prayers that we may be kept in strength and health and the Lord’s anointing to be poured out during this time. It is a step of faith for us in many ways. We are so grateful for your commitment to Denise and I in prayer and finance, we are so blessed with your friendship.
        I spoke last week in a Korean Counseling School. It was an anointed time. The first day the leader asked me what I considered the most important area’s for someone to see the call of God fulfilled in their lives. My answer was two things: the fear of the Lord and Biblical Obedience. That lead us into spontaneous ministry into those two area’s for the first two days of the week. Most everyone stood in ministry times repenting for not walking in the fear of the Lord and playing around with sin. Then the next day, most all stood confessing the fear of man and seeking to please man over the will of God. It was a most valuable time. The rest of the week I spoke on Healing the Fractured Soul. At the end, everyone came forward and one at a time, starting with staff, confessed who they really were and what they had been hiding in their heart; such as pride, judgment, selfishness, independence, not trusting God, ect. One leader, from Malaysia, said they had been so hurt and wounded, they had closed their heart off to God and others, but now saw what they had done and was ready to trust God and His love as their security and love source and walk into all the Lord has for them. Basically, this was in ways, the confession of so many: just been hurt, shut down emotionally, lost love and trust of God. To see the hurts healed, the love and trust of the Lord restored, was so precious.
        Thank you for continuing to pray about our housing situation. We know the Lord is in control, ordering our steps, so we are not anxious, but trust Him fully to lead us according to His heart and will, our job is to follow. We will keep you updated on this situation.Thank you so much for walking with us, it means more to us than you would ever know. Love and Blessings, Steve and Denise


June 20, 2014

Dear Friends, thank you for your emails, love and commitment to us. We are truly blessed beyond words with your friendship. These past three weeks of ministry have truly been so blessed and quite sovereign. The first week was in Honolulu where I spoke to a Korean DTS school. From the first day, I felt the Lord ask me to put the regular teaching series aside and minister to those there who were married. So I stepped out and asked how many there were married and there were six couples. One at a time I began to ask them how their marriage was doing and most of the wives began to cry! I realized then the Lord was wanting to minister into some critical marriage situations. I spent the first two days sharing and praying over these couples, sharing with the rest of the school principles the Lord brought forth. The Lord gave such clarity to every couple. Guidance for their future, ministry, callings. What they were doing good, what they were not doing good and what they needed to do. Three of the couples were under severe marital stress, mainly due to young marriages and entering into immediate ministry. Very clearly, the Lord gave words to each one of these couples to lay down their ministries and go take appropriate time to lay a good foundation of love and commitment to their marriage. The words were received and I truly believe some marriages were saved from potential disaster. The rest of the week was just a wonderful time of ministry as the prophetic ministry really opened the whole school up. I spoke on Spiritual Maturity. Such openness and brokenness, wonderful responses. The school leader even asked if I would consider coming back this fall and doing a marriage seminar for the whole base and some local relational churches.
        The next week was speaking to Orlando via Skype. It was to a Leadership Training School, those on staff or preparing to come on staff. I spoke on Healing of Fractured Soul. Again, wonderful openness and brokenness. Periodically the Lord would give me words to share with them. Constant ministry in response to the Holy Spirit and His conviction. Then on the last day, one at a time, they stood up and shared who they really were and exposed their hearts. Healing from the Lord flowed and I trust they will never be the same.
        This past week I was speaking to a Korean Counseling School. I thought I would be speaking on Healing the Fractured Soul but when I got there monday morning and began to talk with the school leader before class, I just felt the Lord say to step out and minister to each one right where they were. I felt the Lord say there was a lot of fear, anxiety and confusion about their futures. The school leader got excited and said yes, please do that and that is really where they are. So, one at time, I started. Person after person, couple after couple, such confusion, fear, anxiety about the future and situations they were in. The Lord shared such precious and clear words for each one. I will just say this, two of the marital situations were literally at point of divorce. The way the Lord intervened was so timely, gentle but also very firm. I sincerely believe disaster in both there marriages has been avoided. The whole week went like this. Everyday, we just went from person to person and ministered into exactly where they were. I never even spoke the whole week. The school leader and students and staff said it was a life changing week for each one. I say that with a heart of gratefulness to the Lord who truly did it all, and all praise and glory goes to Him. It is just such a privilege to simply be a vessel. One other quick example: one lady from China, spoke Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. As we prayed for her the Lord said he would use these languages to reach each of these nations with focus being the family. That she was to prepare over the next year to start a “Family School”, in Japan to reach and minister into the families of these nations. Wow, she cried, it was such a precious word of encouragement and direction for her life.
        The rest of the summer I have some speaking schools, meetings with leaders, meetings each week with a staff group and finally, preparing for our major fall trip.
        Denise and I are so very grateful for each of you, your prayers and support allowing us to be here and minister into the lives of so many who are going forth and touching the nations for the Lord. Love and blessings be upon each of you, Steve and Denise


May 22, 2014

Dear Friends, trust you all are doing well. We are back in Kona. The trip went well except for the loss of the NY time. My health took an unexpected dip and had to take it somewhat easy for about a week. It seems it was flair up of adrenal and thyroid issues, which I am constantly working on. I am doing better now and praying that just doesn’t happen again. During our time on east coast, we attended our daughter’s wedding. It was such a precious wedding. Christine and her now husband both love the Lord and His presence was so real at the wedding. I guess the only problem was me and my emotions, well, and Denise. We both cried a lot, but then I just kept crying for days and even now. I think some of this is a bit of false guilt that maybe I wasn’t always there enough for her and then some of this is just the reality of fast time goes by and she just now belongs to another. We do love and accept Chris, her husband, he is a really good man. So yes, it was quite an emotional trip and obviously still is!!
        During our time in NC we were able to spend some time with our precious home group and just love on each other. They are so faithful to pray and stand with us in this season and calling of God on our lives.
        The ministry here continues to go really well. Shortly after our return I got a text from a young married staff couple with four children,   asking for marital help. So we have been meeting with them but they are in a serious crisis place and just don’t know if there is a willingness and desire on both parts to redeem their young marriage, so thanks for your prayers.
        I also have been meeting with some leaders and have been invited to be part of the base eldership counsel, so that also requires periodic meetings.
        I have also been ministering via skype to two young men, one in Chicago and one in Norway. I function somewhat as a spiritual father and mentor to them.
        In the near future, I soon will begin to minister to one of the staff’s on base twice a week. We will be covering a number of topics and ministering to them accordingly. It is such a privilege as they have asked if I would pour into them all I have to give. Humbling.
        In a week I start a three week ministry time: the first week will be in Honolulu with a Korean Discipleship school. This will be my first time being invited over there, so praying it goes really well and more doors will open. Then I have a week via skype to Orlando, a leadership staff training school, then a week on base here with the Counseling School, so twill be a busy time.
        I mentioned the possibility of a major fall trip to Europe in my last letter, well that seems to be progressing. It looks like it would involve about two months, Sept. and Oct. with ministry in Holland, Finland, Switzerland and possibility Norway. I know I have to be careful not to over do things and have no desire to to that! Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer for our steps to be ordered of the Lord and standing with us financially. We love each one of you and are so grateful for each one of you and pray God’s blessings upon each of you in every way. Thank you!!


April 22, 2014

Dear Friends, well, just got through talking to the doctor. The trip to NY had to be cancelled. Yesterday I began having some sudden reactions, apparently from adrenals and thyroid, but they were very unexpected and doesn’t make you feel very good. I haven’t had these “episodes” in a couple of years, so really threw me. Just no way to make the trip to NY, very difficult to cancel, very costly in many ways, but no choice. I’m taking some adrenal supplements and thyroid medicine waiting for things to normalize. Thank you for praying for healing and all to be well to travel back to Kona in two weeks. Wish I had a better report but am grateful for your prayers. We are leaning on the Lord for healing. Love and blessings, Steve and Denise


April 21, 2014

Dear Friends, the week in Va. went really well. The openness and brokenness started the first day and continued all week. The things the students shared was quite revealing. Here are a few of the stories that preceded wonderful times of ministry, emotional healing and freedom:
        One young man shared how his mom was alcoholic and all he ever heard was what a mistake he was and how his mom didn’t love him. Then at age 15 she made him leave home and live on the streets. He never really knew his dad.
        Another young man shared how he came home early one day from school and found his dad in bed with another woman, obviously he said he has struggled in many ways ever since.
        A couple of the young women, shared how they both had basically been raised without a father’s love or input. One became so emotionally insecure she spent years in and out of mental ward and suffered with depression.
        Another young man had been raised in the church. Dad was pastor, but like some, ministry and calling took priority over wife and family. The mom began to have affairs in the church and it basically destroyed this young man’s perception of God, church and christians. 

       There were others, sad stories, but just like Jesus says, “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”  The week was a process of watching the Lord take them into a place of healing, wholeness and freedom. My encouragement to them was to walk in His freedom the rest of their lives and don’t ever go back into bondage.
        We head to NY tomorrow for a week. Thanks for holding us up in prayer as we go. May the Lord move mightily again in their midst.
Love and blessings, Steve and Denise


April 6, 2014

Dear Friends, Well, we made it back to NC. I tell you, those over-night flights sure take more of a toll than they use to. I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with age! It has taken us about four days just to start feeling normal again. This six week ministry trip actually involves a lot of different things. Later today I head for VA where I will be speaking to a Counseling School for the coming week. At the same Denise heads to SC where she will attend my brothers funeral and then will head back home, so please be praying for our protection as we travel and for health and wisdom and the anointing of the Lord. [Note from Olive Press: Notice that he is sacrificing being at his own brother’s funeral for the ministry of the Lord! May the results be awesome for the Kingdom!]
I will be meeting with a small but precious group of people while in NC, trusting the Lord will continue to give wisdom and guidance as well as catch up on some wonderful relationships.
Then we will head up to NY for a week with the YWAM Korean base and also speak in a local Korean church. This will be a week of ministry to students but also to staff.
A few days after we return, our daughter Christine will marry her long time friend and soon to be husband, Chris Clemmer. We have known Chris for a long time now and are proud of him as well as Christine and look forward to their marriage and future in the Lord.
We return to Kona May 10. Before we left for this trip, I was asked by a local pastor, Bill Barley, who has become a good friend, to develop an “emotional healing and maturity” series for his church. So starting in June, I will be speaking once a week at his church to help people become more healed, whole, and growing in strength and maturity. Obviously, I can do nothing without the Lord. Please be praying for these sessions. They will be once a week from June to mid August.
Well, I know this is a bit brief, but must run to get ready to head for VA. Know Denise and I love you all very much and are so grateful for all your prayers, love and support!!

Mar. 6, 2014

Trust you all are doing well. Denise and I are doing fine. The last few weeks of ministry have been so encouraging and I know it’s because of your prayers and others. Let me try and give you a glimpse into just some of what the Lord did:
First school was a Medical DTS. Their outreach goes to Cambodia and Iran, where they minister into the Kurdish people group. We had such a precious move of God in openness and brokenness. One staff lady stood up and said she has always felt unworthy and has consequently always struggled in her own identity and leadership. She broke and cried as she shared how she has constantly compared herself to others and always came up short. But, now she said, the Lord has set me free and I know how to walk in the security and freedom of His love for me.
Another doctor stood up and said she had struggled with the same things all her life and had constantly compared herself to all the other doctors she works with and always felt inferior. But, now she said, I see and the Lord has set me free and it is so wonderful.
Another doctor stood and said he was forced to learn to play the violin growing up. If I played well, my mother would say I could do better, if I played bad, she would scold me. The only love I got from my parents was through playing really well. As a result I can play the violin really well today, but hate it. God has called me and my wife to Cambodia long term and now I will be able to show and walk others into the freedom, healing and security of God’s love.
Another school was the Ship DTS whose outreach goes to Asia and the Marshall Islands. Again, such wonderful freedom came to so many. One young man shared that his mom and dad were not saved but he decided to reach out to them in his healing and freedom and basically they shot him down. They said he was brainwashed and in a cult. If that wasn’t enough they shared with all relatives and the young man got emails from everyone saying he was brainwashed and in a cult. He said the rejection was overwhelming until he realized God’s love is greater than this hurt. The sadness turned to joy as he embraced God’s love as his acceptance and security. For the first time the rejection he experienced did not turn to devastation. What a tremendous breakthrough.
Another staff lady stood and said how she had been asked to take on more leadership for years but has always said no because she was afraid of failing. With tears flowing, she shared how God’s love had now healed her hurts and wounds and set her free to be the leader He has created her to be. She said, I will be making a phone call to my leaders and telling them I am ready to move into all the leadership the Lord has for me now.
Another school was via Skype to Orlando. Again, the Lord moved in openness and brokenness, it was equally, a most precious and powerful week. One quick story; one of the staff said, I realize now how I have raised up and loved my calling and ministry over and above truly loving God. I have gotten my love, acceptance and security from my ministry, not from the emotional love of God. What a powerful breakthrough. Thank you all for praying with us and I during these weeks of ministry.
On the future front:
We have a ministry trip coming up at the end of March. We will be ministering in NY at a ywam base and local church, also Va. and NC. During this time, about 6 weeks, our daughter will be getting married. Yes, hard to believe. We are excited for her and her fiancé. We are very proud of Christine and of Chris, they are such a blessing. They both love the Lord and for this we are eternally grateful.
There two other future issues: 1.  it looks like the doors to Europe are opening up to us. We have been asked to come to Holland, Finland and Italy this fall. We are working on the dates and details now.
2. Be praying for our housing situation which changes around the end of summer. Trusting the Lord to provide another place for us to live and minister out of.
Denise and I are so very grateful to you for your love, prayers and support. Please know you have our love and prayers and support in ways we can also. Love and blessings, Steve and Denise

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Feb 10, 2014

Dear Friends, been fairly busy time, but about to get a lot busier. I continue to meet with a staff group twice a week. It has turned into such a precious time. It would be like going to church and speaking to people that really want to grow and learn from all you could give them. It is sowing into truly fertile ground.
I have also been called in on a couple of “emergency” situations. One is a married couple with two young children. They had a very difficult outreach phase, to say the least, and I have been asked to step in and see what I can do to redeem the situation. Bottom line, they were not handled well and more or less left to fend for themselves. Good news is they seem to have keep a soft heart through it all. We have had really good meetings. I felt the Lord give me a broader perspective of understanding and their future, so as I shared with them they received it. We continue to meet and I believe this situation is truly being redeemed, praise the Lord.
The other is a situation where a leader has had a moral failure while on outreach in Asia. I begin meeting with him this afternoon.
I am speaking in the Medical DTS this week, just finished first day, what a wonderful start of openness and brokenness as people began to break and share!! Thank you for your prayers, may the Lord bring forth openness and brokenness and breakthroughs.
I speak to the YWAM Ship School next week, so may the Spirit of Lord do a mighty work.
Will be in touch again soon, love and blessings from Denise and I.


Jan 17, 2014

It has been an interesting few weeks. I continue to meet with various staff and leaders, which is such a blessing. It is such a privilege to be able to pour into these lives. Some are doing ok and just need some affirmation, others are hurting themselves and we are able to help them get emotionally healed and come into a better place and thus become better leaders. I also have been continuing to speak into a staff group of about 15. Well, the Lord is really blessing this time and it has begun to grow. We now have about 40 staff meeting twice a week. Again, it is such a blessing and privilege. Out of this time has come individual meeting times with singles and married couples who are really struggling in various ways and area’s.

Actually I have a couple of statements from the staff which I will pass along to you. These are just statements written and given to me in gratitude, of which I also am very grateful for the kind words. “After several weeks of being richly blessed and challenged as Steve spoke on the “Fractured Soul” series, I was again, so thankful for Steve’s heart and wisdom while teaching us another series on “Spiritual Maturity” and how it is helping me in my walk. “I enjoy Steve’s teaching. He speaks a very practical message that ministers to where people live. I appreciate his honesty and the love and value he has for Scripture”

The other day I happened to run into a base leader, stopped for a quick chat, then went my way. Later that day he sent me a text asking if would come the next morning and speak to his school and staff for an hour, whatever the Lord quickened. I told him I would and as I prayed felt the Lord lead to speak on a simple chart I have called “God’s Love Cycle”. Basically it has to do with helping people understand how to overcome area’s in their lives where they struggle with love and trust towards God. So I gave it and asked for those who were struggling in the area of love and trust toward God to stand up and we would pray. Well, the whole class stood as well as the staff. I was shocked. We had a wonderful time of teaching and ministry. The next day, the leader asked if he could meet with me so we got together and he asked if I would come back and minister the “Healing of the Fractured Soul” series to his school and staff.

So week after next I will be going back and ministering into his school and staff. A precious opportunity so please be praying for the Lord to move in mighty ways. Well, that’s not all. The speaker for the week for that school was there when I spoke. He and his wife both stood up. Apparently he is a broadway actor and he and his wife are having some difficulties and have asked if they could meet with me. We are working on setting up a time, so again, be praying for the Lord’s wisdom and anointing to minister into these leaders who speak and perform all over the world.

Starting monday I will be speaking the “Healing of the Fractured Soul” series in a new school called The School of Performing Arts. As the name says, these are talented and gifted people from all over the world. Be praying with me for the presence of Lord to fall in our midst and heal all who are hurting and wounded that they may then perform out of healing and wholeness not insecurities and fears.

As you know, Denise and I have been staying at another place for the past three weeks. We will be moving back to our tiny but lovely place starting tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers and support as the Lord has surely made a way for us. Denise is working about three days a week to help with finances. She also is the main lead on keeping up the property where we live  which is what she does the rest of the week and week-end as it is quite a large job. Our next housing challenge will be the end of summer when we will have to find a new place all together. We know the Lord is able and look forward to what He has in store. Love and blessings, Steve and Denise

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December 21, 2013

Dear Friends, it has been a busy couple of weeks. I have been meeting with different base leaders almost everyday, then speaking to one of the staff groups twice a week.On top of that I received a phone call asking if I would try and intervene in a young married couple’s situation. They are at the point of divorce and have only been married less than a year. Our first meeting went really well and we meet again next week. Please keep them in prayer for a complete turn-around and breakthrough.

We are very grateful for the place of influence the Lord has given allowing us to speak into the lives of so many, who in turn have so much influence over the lives of so many others. Things have gone so well with one of the staff groups I have been working with that they have asked if I would continue to pour into them, so we have started another module on “Spiritual Maturity.” I have been working with them for about three months now, meeting twice a week and will continue for another few months.

There are a number of other staff groups talking to me about scheduling set times with them in the future, so will let you know when that comes about. Again, it is such a blessing to pour into a whole staff, as the more they become “healed, whole, mature” the more of a positive influence and affect they will have on the those who are under their leadership.

As we had mentioned, we have to leave our “place” for a month while the owners are here. We have found a place to move to for this time, thank you so much for praying as this is not easy at all. We will move day after Christmas, basically, so the next few days are packing and moving days. No complaints, we are grateful for how the Lord continues to make a way for us. We just want to say we love each of you. We are so grateful to have you involved in our lives and ministry, through prayer or support or both. We pray for you and trust the Lord for His highest and best for all of us as we walk with Him into the New Year. What a blessing to be walking with you all into all the Lord has for us. May you each be wonderfully blessed of the Lord and His presence. Have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your love and commitment to us, Steve and Denise

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December 1, 2013

Well the past two weeks have been most blessed. The first week I spoke to a school for ministry development for staff at Orlando. Obviously it was via Skype. What a precious time. Again, many stories of woundedness; two or three had literally been abandoned by one or both of their parents and to this day the parents would not respond to any attempt to establish relationship, so some deep wounds with serious consequences. It was wonderful to see each person respond. They were willing to open up, lay hold of the Lord and walk into His love and healing for them. Two of the five days were times of prayer and ministry so the teaching was structured accordingly. It is amazing to see the faithfulness of the Lord and His ministry to each person in spite of me being in Kona and they in Orlando, nothing to hard for Him.

This past week I spoke via Skype to Amsterdam. All I can say is I was humbled to see the Lord move in such a precious way to students and staff alike. I spoke to a counseling school of about 30 in all. After I shared about the Biblical examples of woundedness, I asked how many would like prayer and they all raised their hands. The leader asked if I would take the time and pray for each on individually. We spent the next three and a half days praying for each one, starting with the staff. It was really quite a sovereign time. So many stories of being hurt by other leaders and pastors, mom’s and dad’s. Struggling to ever trust another person in authority. Then, many were wounded through the sorrows of broken promises and unfulfilled expectations, many of which had poured over onto the Lord. Then many confessed to sexual woundedness.

One man, married with five children, stood and shared of his addiction to pornography for twenty-five years! Let me just say it was a so wonderful to see the Lord set each one free and bring them into such a place of healing and wholeness. I basically had only one hour left in the week to sum up a weeks worth of teaching, but it was the Lord and each one understood now how to walk in His Love, Acceptance and Security for the rest of their lives. May they never be the same. I start next week with ministry into one of the staff groups on base, every tues and thur morning. I will be walking them through the Pathway to Maturity series, so at a couple of hours each week, we will be meeting together for the next couple of months. Denise and I continue to meet individually with different staff and leaders in a “mentoring” role speaking into their lives and helping them to the base of our ability.

On the personal front: the people who own the property where we are staying are returning for a month, from Dec.26 till Jan.26. We have a very good relationship with them, but they need their privacy, so we have to find another place to live for that month. Not easy to do over here. At the moment we have not found a place. Appreciate your prayers for a place to open up for us over that time. The next large challenge will be next summer when they move here permanently. We will have to find a new place to live in. At this point we simply do not have support base that allows us to pay rent, but the Lord knows the situation. We have moved four times in this past year. Let me quickly say, this is not a “plea” for money. I can’t stand that! We are so very grateful for your support and love and could not even be here without it. The Lord knows the situation and we would not want to be here if it wasn’t of Him. Thank you for joining with us to pray into these situations. We rejoice with you in all the Lord has done and is doing as you are sharers with us in this harvest. We love you, thank you for being our friends, Denise and Steve

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November 20, 2013

Denise and I have just returned from our trip to east coast and ministry into a church situation in Maryland. Apparently, the pastor had become more and more a dictator, using criticism, shame and embarrassment to keep the people in line. I was the first outside speaker they had seen in over 15 years. The people were so precious and hungry for truth. The response to the messages was awesome. I don’t know all that happened in each of the lives but believe the Lord did wonderful things.

I do know of a couple of stories I can share with you: there was a missionary couple there and apparently they had been very wounded by their leader on the mission field and had just returned praying about what to do next. The Lord really met them in wonderful ways. I know the Lord touched and healed them and gave them assurance of the direction they were to go in. It was a beautiful thing to see them go from hurt and despair to being healed, smiling and assured of the Lord’s leading for them.

There was another story: I was meeting with a couple in their 40’s and just in the course of sharing together the subject of children came up. She began to cry profusely and then so did he. Apparently he is impotent, so they have not been able to have children. They are considering adoption, but the hurt in her heart was very deep. Not wanting to blame the Lord, she had just created a “special and private” room in her heart where she stored this hurt and no one, including the Lord was allowed to go in there. We had a long talk and I asked them if they would be willing to open up this room and put this hurt on the altar before the Lord and never pick it up again. They said yes, they were ready to do that and put an end to this once and for all. Again, I believe the Lord did a precious work in them that will hopefully be very freeing to their future.

Again, there was a lot of ministry to all those who came forward for prayer after each meeting, but I don’t really know what all the Lord may have done, but trust it was significant. As I said, Denise and I returned over the week end and I began speaking to Orlando via live stream on Monday. So trusting the Lord for breakthroughs this week. Next week I speak via live streaming to Amsterdam, so be praying for more breakthroughs in that school. I continue to meet with various leaders and starting Dec. I begin working with one of the staff’s on base. I will meet with them twice a week and take them through the Pathways to Maturity series.

A couple of challenges to be praying about: we have to leave the place we are staying in from Christmas till end of Jan. So we will have to find another place for that time, not easy to do over here but the Lord is able! Then next Aug. we will have to find another place to live. We are praying for a place that we could stay at and not have to move anymore. Thank you so much for your love and support. We love you all and pray for you also. In His Love, Steve and Denise

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October 21, 2013

Dear Friends, just finished with the School of Worship. There are about twenty five students and ten staff. This is a “second level” school, so most all the students are “worship” leaders of some sort or other. What a precious week. Such openness and brokenness. One story: one of the married couples asked if he could go get his wife to hear his confession. So he brought her in and told this story: he was raised in a christian home, son of a pastor. He went off into eastern religion, drugs and the demonic. He told his wife he was bringing other women into their home and convinced her it was ok. She began to go crazy and so did he. They both ended up in hospital and mental ward. Somehow they both met Jesus there and He completely delivered them of everything. He asked his wife’s forgiveness and is now living for the Lord, serving in missions as a worship leader. What a sweet spirit they now have.

On the last day I challenged the staff and students to come forward and share who they really are, no more secrets. It was such a precious time. When lunch time came, we were not even half way through the class. So they broke for lunch, came back and kept going for another couple of hours. We trust they will never be the same. Denise and I head back to east coast tomorrow where we deal with a church situation. Thank you for praying for us and time of ministry there will be most sovereign.  Love and blessings, Steve and Denise

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October 5, 2013 Dear Friends, well it has been a good three weeks of ministry since our last update. I have been ministering into one of the base staff groups, about 20. We have been meeting twice a week walking them through the “Fractured Soul” series. I have one week left with them. One morning as I was praying for each one, out came some very sad stories. Here is one: a young lady began to cry and said that she had been sexually molested as a young girl, apparently more than once. She didn’t understand why and what she had done wrong, that these people would keep doing this to her. Not knowing anything else to do to protect herself she said she decided to become ugly, thinking that if she could just become fat and ugly men would leave her alone. So she gained a lot of weight and just let herself go. How very sad and all at a young age. As I shared with her the truth that she had done nothing wrong and did not have to live under the hurt and wounds of what had happened to her any longer. Through the love of God for her and His emotional healing to her, she now can live in freedom and begin to discover who she really is and the beautiful woman God made her to be.As a result I told her she could now start losing weight, taking care of herself, in the security of His love.

What a blessing to see a life touched and changed by His grace and truth. I begin speaking to the YWAM Ship School starting monday and then the Worship School the week after. I will be having early morning meetings with different school leaders also, so busy time. Thank you for holding us up in prayer and that the Lord will move mightily in these schools and lives. Love you all, Steve and Denise

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September 20, 2013

It has been an interesting few weeks since I last wrote you. A couple of days after we got back I spoke to the Worship School staff, about 20 in all, really good folks. We had a good three or four hours together and Lord really blessed and ministry took place. A few days later I got a call from one of the worship leaders and they asked if I would be open to speaking in their school. They said they set aside one week each school, to be a week of “inner healing” and ministry and wanted to know if I was available. It was a week I had open so I said yes.

What a blessing to be invited in to their school. Being a “worship school” the people who come are all worship leaders to various degrees from around the world, so quite a privilege to be invited to come minister into them. It will be the week of Oct.14, so thanks for praying that the Lord will move in mighty ways. I have also been asked to speak in the YWAM Ship School, which will be the week of Oct.7. Thank you for praying for moves of God during these times. The Ship school trains people in small vessel sailing and navigation and then takes them for outreaches to the small islands of the pacific where larger vessels could not get into. Love you all, Steve and Denise

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August 11, 2013

The past couple weeks have gone well. I was asked to speak to a group of leaders who form a “leadership” track. Spoke on “Biblical Endurance”, most stood for ministry. Then I was asked to speak at another leadership group. I spoke on “The Mistress of Ministry” and again, the Lord brought conviction and ministry. Two of the leaders came up afterwards and asked if they could have a time me this week, so we have scheduled that in. They are leaders over two different schools, so trusting this will open speaking doors.

Then I was asked to speak to the staff, about 15-20, who comprise the personnel dept. at YWAM, called Gateway. I have now spoken to them three times. The leader has asked if I would take them through my series on Healing of the Fractured Soul. So we are going to begin that series with them Sept.16 I am also meeting this week with two Pastor’s to discuss how I can be of help to them in ministering into their leaders, men’s group, and being available to speak to congregations.

On the personal side, our daughter called and said our basement flooded. To address this, Denise and I are going to have to fly home week after next. We would be grateful for your prayers as we really don’t know exactly what to do and financially can’t just call someone in to fix everything. I have talked with a former contractor and he is willing to meet with us. Don’t know how all this will fall out but it is an unexpected expense to fly home and whatever else we run into. We will be there about three weeks before returning. Thanks for praying with us for the Lord to resolve this problem and the damages done. Love and blessings, Steve and Denise

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July 26, 2013 What a precious couple of weeks. The Lord’s favor continue’s upon us. One of the International Counsel leaders has moved here and I happened to be in a meeting where they were introducing him. As we prayed for him the Lord gave me some specific words for him, so I passed them along and he was really touched. He asked for some time together and we have really bonded. He is committed to try and open more speaking doors for me and opportunities to minister to the base staff and leaders. He is over what is called “Gateway” which is basically the personnel dept. and has about 15 staff. He has already asked me come and speak and minister to them twice and scheduled a third. He also is talking to another staff group about having me come and minister into them. What a sovereign blessing he has already been.

I have been sKorea seminarpeaking all week in a DTS called “Trailblazers.” Interesting, the leader asked if I could speak on the Healing of the Fractured Soul, but, I also asked if I could speak on The Fear of the Lord. We started the week with the Fear of the Lord. When it came time to minister, everyone stood confessing their lack of Fear of the Lord and fooling around with sin. It was a powerful time. Then I shared with them about Biblical Obedience, again, such a precious response of confessing putting other’s and other things over and above the Lord. So on wed. we jumped into the Healing of the Fractured Soul.

The last three days have been filled with repentance, humbling before God, prayer and ministry. All in all the Lord set them free. Many have drug, alcohol, sex abuse backgrounds but by grace, no more. They see now what they have done, why, and made the choice to exchange their hurts and wounds for the Love of God. Amen, may they never be the same. There are about 20+ going to Middle East, Africa and Northeast Asia for outreach, so many more lives will be touched and set free, all of which you are a part. Denise and I are so blessed with you and your prayers and support. Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you!!

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July 5, 2013

Dear Friends, we are finally feeling better from our little mess. I have been speaking the past two weeks in two different schools. One was a Korean school, which went really well. One day I felt to speak a message on the “Blessings of Endurance” and it was so well received all the students and staff stood up at the end to confess things and ask for prayer. Good time!! The other school was a YWAM Ship Ministry school. I was told it was a very difficult school. Apparently a lot of baggage from the world, drugs, ect. and was told the students just had been very reluctant to open up. So, I prayed and went in.

Basically, I started right off and told them that it was very important for me and Lord to help them, that they simply needed to open up and be open and honest. I told them that if they didn’t it would be a very quiet week because I was not going to try and play games with them, so they either opened up or I would just give them the week off. Well, thankfully, the Lord showed up and they opened up!! The staff said they had never seen them like this the whole quarter, thank you Lord! We had a wonderful time. As I shared things, they said please tell us how to get out of our bondages. It was a precious time.

One morning as I was walking to class, one of the staff leaders, who I had been ministering to their entire staff, stopped me and said, “can I share something with you. I just want you to know that our staff meet last week for an end of year review. To the last person, they said the time of ministry with you was the highlight of the year.” What a blessing to hear something like that. Again, all the glory goes to the Lord. I am so grateful for all He has done and so grateful for you, your prayers, your support allowing us to be here and make a difference in so many lives that are going all over the world.

The new summer schools have just begun. I will be speaking in the YWAM Ship school July 15 and in an Awakening DTS school July 22. I continue to meet with some leaders and staff as well as with a local pastor or two in town who are asking if I would help teach some of their leaders, so we will see how the Lord leads in all this. Our daughter and her boyfriend were just with us for nine days. What a blessing to see her again and be with them. We had a wonderful time together. They just flew back yesterday and we love and miss them very much. We love you. Thank you for all your prayers and standing with us in support!! Steve and Denise

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June 17, 2013

This update is a bit different. I wish I had wonderful news and things to share. In reality our last week in Korea was very difficult. We flew from Seoul to Jeju, which is a small island off the coast of Korea where a YWAM base is. One night before I was to start speaking, I started getting sick. Well, I didn’t realize it but Denise was getting sick also.

At the same moment, Denise gets an email late at night that her step mom has just died. Denise is very close to her and so this hit her very hard. On top of that, it brought back memories of when we were on another mission trip and her Dad suddenly died and she was not able to go home for the funeral, so here a similar situation was happening all over again and she had no way to go home to be with family. So to say the least, this was a rough night. Well, things progressively got worse. Denise somehow had a staff infection in her nose, so she went on anti-biotics and I wound up with bronchitis and they took me into local clinic and doctor put me on some kind of anti-biotic. I was feeling so weak I just could not speak, even after seven days, we managed to fly home, but now, even two weeks later, I am just beginning to feel some better.

To say the least it was a difficult time in many ways. I did meet with a couple of the base leaders and shared things from my heart with them. The relationship is good and they understood how hard this was for everyone. At this point, Denise nor I really have any specific understanding, so we are just putting this in the Lord’s hands and thanking Him that He is faithful and trustworthy in every way. I am starting to feel better and begin speaking in a YWAM Ship Ministry school today. Actually will head there in a couple of hours. Then next week I am closing out the Go Asia school that I spoke in before leaving for Asia. They have asked if I would come back and speak to them about spiritual growth and maturing in the Lord. Please be praying for these two weeks that the Lord will move in precious ways. We love you, thanks for standing and praying with us, Steve and Denise

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April 15, 2013 The past few weeks have been blessed and anointed!! I spoke to a counseling school in Virginia via the Genesis system. It was a powerful time and again, people stood up at the end and shared who they really were. Tearing down all the masks and pretenses and walking into a greater depth of the love of God as their security from now on. I also have been sharing the “Fractured Soul” series with a local church on Tuesday nights for the past five weeks. There have been about 100 there, both regular members and leaders. It was such a precious time.

One lady came up and shared that she basically had been called a “hoar” by her father all her life. She was so wounded and hurting and the Lord wonderfully set her free. She shared that basically on his death bed, her father accepted the Lord and asked her forgiveness, confessing he basically had wasted his life. Another came up and said they were no longer going to live under the hurts, wounds, masks of her life and was so grateful for understanding how to walk in wholeness and freedom for the rest of her life. Many others shared how this series had a profound affect upon them. I am grateful to the Lord because it is through Him all of these lives have been forever changed and set free.

I continue to meet with base leaders and staff for counseling times. I can say this: there is a marriage couple I have been working with for the past couple of months. The Lord is both restoring their marriage and their call back into missions. It has been a blessing and privilege to be a part of this. They are now beginning to pray as to where the Lord would have them go and serve in missions. I start speaking at an all Asian school in a couple of hours, so pray!! So this week will be quite full.

Next week will be a some meetings and packing as we leave for Japan and Korea on April 26. We will spend three weeks in Japan, ministering to base leaders, staff and two schools, until May 17. We then head for Korea where we will be doing a Pastor’s conference in Seoul, then ministering to base leaders, staff and a counseling school in Cheju. We leave back for Kona June 8. Thank you for praying and covering us as we go. May the Lord pour out His Spirit mightily during this time. We love and appreciate you, Steve and Denise

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March 17, 2013

Hello My Dear Friends, it has been an interesting and challenging time, yet powerful in the ministry. Denise and I had to leave the place we were in earlier than expected, so we moved to an upstairs attic with a couple we knew, for about a week. Then as we were leaving there and moving into our next place, mold was discovered, so with the help of the owners of the property we now stay at and help look after, the mold was quickly taken care off. We are now unpacking and looking forward to being settled for awhile.

I recently spoke in the Counsel School. Thank you so much for praying, as it was a most precious and powerful time. The Lord would quicken area’s almost everyday and we would spend some time praying for those who responded along with the teaching. Breakthroughs happening all throughout the week. The last day, as I challenged them to open up and share the secrets of their hearts, the Lord began to move. One at a time staff and students came up and shared, very openly and honestly, with much tears and crying. It was a precious time of healing which went on for a few hours. I received many notes from the students saying how their lives would never again be the same. Glory to God.

Denise and I continue to meet with leaders and staff. There has also been a married couple who asked if we would help them figure out how they have “missed” God and His calling on their lives. It has been an interesting time, but as we have met and continue to meet, the Lord gives understanding and is gently giving them understanding as to how they got into the place they are in and what it is going to take to get out and back into the fulfillment of His calling on their lives.

I speak the last week of March to the base in Va. via Genesis, so please be praying for this time. Also, we are scheduled to leave for Japan and Korea the last week of April through mid June. It will be a time of ministry to some schools, but also to leaders and staff and then a full two weeks of the time will be speaking/ministering into pastors. We need to raise the airfare for Denise, so please pray about this and for a mighty move of God’s Spirit during this six week period. We love and miss you and are so grateful for your standing with us. Love, Steve and Denise

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January 11, 2013  Just moved from Virginia to Hawaii, ministering with YWAM

Hello My Dear Friends, well I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Things here were pretty quiet. For the most part, everyone and everything moves into a holiday break season. Ministry for me did not completely shut down; I continue to meet with a few leaders. One is a korean lady who I have been meeting with and praying with for months now. The Lord gave her a word about doors opening to a speaking platform to her homeland of Korea. Well she has since been invited to speak in Korea for the first time in her life. She is there now and so excited!!

I continue to meet periodically with other staff and leaders. I also was asked to come in minister into two different staff’s. One was the Medical DTS staff and the other was North East Asia DTS. The Lord really moved and it was a most precious time of speaking and ministry. I have also been asked to speak in both schools. The medical dts has yet to figure out how to fit me in, but the Northeast Asia DTS has me schedule for Jan 22-26, so please be praying for a move of God as it is a very large school and one of their main focuses is North Korea. I also have been asked to speak in the Counseling School the third week of March. I have been meeting with two local pastors and both of them have asked if I would pour into their leaders and church, so one of them has me down from mid March to mid April, the other is still working on schedule.

I mentioned about our housing situation in last update, here is report: the couple who owns the house with small apt. flew in last week. We have been meeting and things have gone really well. They have asked us to stay! We have to work out some details and there will be some cost involved and cost to shift, such as a bed and refrigerator. Thanks so much for your prayers as this provision isn’t permanent but should give us a place to live for the next year. For the future: we have been asked to come to Japan and Korea for ministry to leaders, staff and schools.

We would leave around the end of April and return mid June. Obviously, extra expense for airline ticket and “stuff.” Let me just say this; if you would like to help with the expense of this ministry trip, just contact me and I can give details then. This is not a “plea” for money, as we are so grateful for all you do!! On the health side: for the most part we are doing ok. There has been and are some area’s and concerns from time to time, so thank you for praying for healing. Denise and I are so grateful for your love, prayers and support. We pray for you all also. Many blessings, Steve and Denise

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