Haaman—- someone not a believer and not filled with God’s love

He was willing to do anything to get to the top. And he did get to be second highest, but it wasn’t the highest so it ate at him. We see how pride leads to unbridled ambition, which sets us up for MAJOR disappointment.

And those “disappointments can cause us to blow small things way out of proportion—to exaggerate the slightest of criticisms. Instead of our being content with the 99.9% of the population that esteems us, we dwell on the 0.1% that doesn’t.”

That’s me. Instead of focusing on the 99.9% of the things in my life that are going right, I dwell my thoughts on the 0.1% that’s going wrong and I get real sad.

Perhaps Martha was like that, too.

Haaman overreacted to the one man not bowing to him, and wanted to kill the whole lot of them.  People like that crave flattery.  Tell them they are wrong about anything and you’re likely to be snubbed for life. They live for anything done in their honor. (Banquets, etc) They fully expect others to look up to them.




Has to be in control

Has to speak her mind

Has to be the leader

Is always correcting

Is always rebuking

Is inattentive (doesn’t really listen)

Thinks getting things done is more important than relationship

Is impatient

Sets deadlines in her mind (If he doesn’t come by this time, I’ll….)

Is intolerant (found fault with the spotless Lamb of God)

Rebuked the Son of God

Had to give Him a piece of her mind

Couldn’t sit still, had to run out and meet Him before He even arrived

Didn’t really believe what Jesus said

When He hadn’t listened to her she got Mary to go rebuke Him, too.

Had to run out and see what His reaction to Mary’s rebuke would be.

Never bowed down to worship Jesus

Never anointed his feet

Even after He brought her brother back to life didn’t have awe of worship


She did serve Jesus and was silent, which could’ve been the silent awe of worship

AND, most importantly:

All her faults did not prevent Jesus from healing her brother


Every time we see her she is at Jesus feet

Is not worried or afraid

Never boasted or looked for honor

Was not ambitious; she just admired Jesus and His WORD and His purpose.

Wouldn’t think of rebuking or correcting

Didn’t seek to be adored; she just adored Jesus

Mary sat. She didn’t even go to see what Martha was up to in John 11:20.

Mary listened

Obeyed immediately when Jesus asked for her (John 11:28)

She bowed at His feet

Mary loved

Cried tears of gratitude and washed His feet

Anointed with perfume—all of it—-a whole pound

Mary’s perfume filled the house!!

Mary Magdalene

Mary wailed at the tomb

Mary adores, adores, adores and adores some more

Believed even after He died

Wasn’t disappointed or angry at Him

Mary still loved

Mary still adored

Wanted to know where He was

Was going to take His body home

Wouldn’t go home because nothing in her life mattered without her master

Mary saw the resurrected Lord first

Mary held onto Him

Called Him Rabboni  in reverence

Didn’t want to let Him go

Listened and obeyed (against her own will)

Said, “I have seen the Lord”

Carried His WORD to the disciples

Other Marys

Says “Let it be as you have said” (Luke 1:38)

Ponders things in her heart

Mary prayed/prophesied (Luke 1:46-)

Had prayer in her house  (Acts 12:12)

Mary’s son wrote the Gospel of Mark  (Acts 12:12)

Work hard for the Kingdom  (Romans 16:6)

Mary’s are mothers of great men of God

Mary didn’t wait until she could be alone with Jesus—away from scrutinizing eyes, away from opposition—to anoint Jesus. No Mary anointed Him in front of everyone. She had no fear of what they would think or say. She saw only Jesus and his Love for her, and her gratitude and adoration of Him

She saw only His desires and longing. She honored Him in front of ALL.—even in front of His enemies.

Martha had no fear to rebuke Jesus and question Jesus in front of all, but she never poured out love to Him in front of anyone.

Mary sat and soaked in Jesus’ love and WORD countless hours. Now she poured it all back on Him with ointment to bless, honor, and minister to Him, and the fragrance blessed all.

Mary was not of much value to the world. No one would say, “O yes, get Mary to help us. She is a hard worker and gets the job done!!”  No they would’ve said that about Martha.  About Mary they would’ve said, “No use to ask her. She forgets what she’s doing and stops at Jesus’ feet to listen to Him. Whenever He’s around, she’s no good for nothing!!”

But Mary didn’t worry about reputation. She only saw Jesus.

Her only weakness was that she was influenced by Martha to blame Jesus for Lazarus’ death. In Jesus’ absence, she let others influence her. She let doubts creep in. But she  still knelt at his feet and worshiped Him even then.